Photos are taken with digital camcoder SONY DCR-TRV130E

small hedgehog (121kb) stork in the flight (42kb) butterfly (23kb) magpie (59kb) sunset at July (22kb) autumn asters(74kb) barber at dew (45kb) flowering birch(98kb)
sunny  droplets(59kb) reflection (57kb) reflection1 (54kb) rainbow (62kb) dill at dew (85kb) birch catkins (57kb) daffodils (30kb) dandelion flowers (65kb)
enotere (48kb) forest lake1(75kb) forest lake2(68kb) forest lake3(46kb) forest lake4(74kb) forest lake (75kb) red guilders (42kb) yellow iris (48kb)
lily(53kb) wild lupins(75kb) pussi1(31kb) pussi3(46kb) Japanese quince flowers (46kb) sloes(51kb) blue campanula (55kb) Trollius Evropeus (112kb)
poppy(73kb) red currants(75kb) bucketful of suffron milk caps (31kb) duck with ducklings (35kb) Sparrows take a bath at a puddle (44kb) at laboratory(27kb) my wife (56kb) It's me (39kb)

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Viacheslav Popov

Updated 19 Dec 2004 .
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